Entertainment & Lifestyle Ecosystem

HOLLYWOODLAND is a digital entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem. A place where content, services, and products are all seamlessly connected. All a person’s social media, email, apps, favored links, music and movie archives and optional streams, are in one place, at one LAND. So one just looks and reacts.

In HOLLYWOODLAND one can share, watch, comment, and purchase. For example, one can be watching content such as movies, tv, music videos or sports and see something in a scene one is desirous of owning – say, a pair of shoes worn by “Pharrell” or a pair of sunglasses worn by a character played by Charlize Theron. At that point, one can Pause and Purchase products which appear in the scene by going to a purchase sequence, make the purchase, and then go back to continue watching the content from where one left off. Once the purchase is made and the transaction is complete the product is then shipped to the purchasers location. Enabling instant gratification during an emotional experience while consuming culture through content.

The Ecosystem is Digital Real-estate (LAND) that puts the influencers in power. We grant LAND to artists, brands and content owners. LAND owners become their own content delivery, commerce and social media platforms that deliver to existing social media audiences. HOLLYWOODLAND shares the profits with the artists, labels, and studios, and provides a new digital venue for the delivery and monetization of CULTURE. Empowering the influencers to take back revenue that has been lost to them or left on the table. Through merchandizing and branding, HOLLYWOODLAND will provide fair compensation to those who are the rightful owners of content.

Instant connections can be made. Everything flows. Combining content, commerce and social into one simple system.

Also, for ease of use, HOLLYWOODLAND can be loaded onto any device – computer, pad, phone, TV, flash drives – regardless of brand. The resulting experience is: There are no derailments and no externally-imposed stop signs. Everything is directly in reach, everything is at hand. Online life can be lived at a person’s own rhythm, uninterrupted. Time is saved. Intimacy and concentration are gained.

We begin a new epoch in human online experience.




Content Distribution

Delivery agnostic global platform that distributes & monteizes content. Content is enabled with Pause & Purchase so viewers can buy products that appear in content


Earn commissions from fans, followers and friends while purchasing products through your LAND. Real time behavior and engagements within your LAND.

Social Ecosystem

Post from your LAND to other Social Media platforms and enable purchases of products and services. Embed posts with Brands, Products, and Content with global reach.